Tuesday, April 25, 2017

God on the Move

This past week-end our JV team lead three large evangelistic outreach events in three different countries: Ukraine, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Ukraine finished up another week of EXIT Tour in Lviv, seeing hundreds of students come to the final concert, and several putting their faith in Jesus that night.

Thanks Christy O for the photo!

Slovenia put on their first Fusion festival for choirs around the country this week-end too, seeing 99 students come, which is huge in a country with so few Christians!

Kristy P, did I get this off your FB page? If I did, thank you! :)

And here in Czech, at the same time, a Fusion Day was held for all the choirs on this side of the country, in Moravia and Silesia.

Dave and I popped in to see our staff, give words of encouragement, hug people, and cheer on the choirs who performed.

I haven't heard the final report about it, but know that there were 269 signed up to be there!

God is on the move. And we continue to pray for mountains to move, walls to fall, and live to change.

Honestly, it just keeps getting more and more exciting here as we see God on the move!

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