Sunday, April 30, 2017

What No One Else Sees

I've been meaning to write this post for quite a while.

And I wished I'd taken pictures all along the way in order to remember. But perhaps this one taken today will be enough illustration of what I want to say.

See those feet poking out through the glass doors from our kitchen into our living room? Those are Dave's feet, propped up with his computer in his lap.

If I've seen this scene once, I've seen it a thousand times, maybe more.

He's not checking Facebook, reading the news, or working on his to do list.

He's finishing his preparation for teaching at JV Spring Conference this next week. He has spent hours and hours and hours in this very spot, studying God's Word in preparation for the seven talks he'll give on what he's learned from Psalm 23.

And today he's doing it while not feeling well. He went to bed with a fever last night, and still has it. He slept 12 hours through the night, and another three today. But now he's back in his spot, persevering and preparing.

Will you pray for him? JV Council starts tomorrow with dinner so he'll need to be finished with all the last details of his teaching by then. He's sacrificially given up time recently for the sake of others, when he'd planned to finish this preparation. So now here he is, not feeling well but being diligently obedient to the calling of God on his life.

I love and admire him so much!

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