Saturday, April 29, 2017

When it's Noticeable

Almost two weeks ago it began to rain here in Czech.

And rain. And rain. And rain.

I don't have a quick place to go check the facts to find out just how much it has rained. But I know it's been much more than usual.

That's why yesterday while in my kitchen, I noticed THIS.

Yes, sunshine. When you haven't seen it in quite a while, you NOTICE!!!!

I honestly just stood there gazing at it for at least five minutes, shining in and catching that little glass bird so perfectly.

We're all feeling the fact of having been cooped up inside for far too long. Here's to hoping we'll get to "fly and be free" soon!


  1. We've had a wet year too so I can appreciate how you noticed the sun. Today was that day for us that it finally felt like a sunny, warm spring day. Here is a link to our rain-streaked-days this year: