Friday, April 7, 2017

His Extravagance

By the chill in the air, gray skies above, and rain pouring down, it's not a very nice first day back at home.

Except for this!

Look at the detail of that beauty!

But the crazy thing about this beauty? It lasts for such a short time.

Do you ever wonder why the Lord made blossoms, rather than just letting the leaves come out right away? He sure didn't have to create these trees and bushes with such delicate beauty or with such vibrance.

This extravagance reminds me once again about who our amazing Creator is: a God who loves beauty; a God who cares about detail; a God who delights in surprises; a God who enjoys color; a God who graciously gives us himself through this beauty.

While the skies are gray today, the world around me is anything BUT that!

It's full of His wonder in creation, and it's full of His voice crying out through the beauty, "I'm here!"

1 comment:

  1. I love every season, but few seasons give me hope like the first signs of spring. It's like a treasure hunt each time we walk out to find what new flower is blooming or what birds have returned from the south.