Sunday, August 13, 2017

Church in the Park

Every summer our Frýdlant church heads outdoors for the month of August.

The worship service is held each Sunday in the lower amphitheater at Malenovice, our training center.

It is so delightful worshipping outdoors, even with a few sprinkles falling and the temperatures cooler than normal. You just wrap a blanket around you and soak in the beauty of God's creation as you worship.

We typically have a lot of guests during the summer, people who are in the area for a variety of, conferences, visiting family in the area. It makes for the best kind of atmosphere on a Sunday...the family of God joining together from all corners of the world.

Continuing in our summer series of teaching in Psalms, Dave preached yesterday.

Speaking from Psalm 3, he talked about the Lord as our shield, the lifter of our heads, the One who hears our cries, and the One who fights for us. As always, it was a powerful message!

After the service, we were all happy to go inside for a warm lunch and sweet fellowship!

I sat with one of our JV summer interns who has just finished leading an intern team here in Czech. How I loved hearing what God did in him this summer, and how God used him in the lives of many Czech young people. This is what we pray for our interns! That God transforms them, as he uses them.

Photo credit for these amazing photos goes to Honza Kabut, one of our amazingly talented JV communication team members! When I saw him taking photos, I knew they would be so much better than what I'd capture on my phone. And I was right!

Thank you Honza for sacrificially using your skills and talents to capture memorable moments like "church in the park"!

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  1. Amen He is our Shield, the Great Protector and Defender...Lifter of our Head and Lover of our souls <3!!!!