Saturday, August 12, 2017

Best Part of the Day

After 90 degree temps here in Czech this past week, it dropped drastically today after an unbelievable thunderstorm for hours through the night.

The clouds rolled in and cool temperatures descended, ending the day with a beautiful sunset.

But the best part of the day? When Dave surprised me by coming home at noon instead of late tonight!

After finishing the JV country leaders week-long training in Croatia last night, he and three other guys decided to leave at 1 AM and drive home through the night to beat the heat and the traffic. Dave said that the border crossing INTO Croatia was bumper to bumper for 30 kilometers! Thankfully they sailed through on the other side and he arrived at noon!

No kidding, the sunset was every bit as beautiful as it looks in this photo. But the best part was watching it with Dave after nearly three weeks apart!

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