Saturday, August 19, 2017

Just in Time

After waiting eight weeks, my car was finally fixed JUST IN TIME! We picked it up yesterday, at the very last minute before we were due to leave on vacation this week-end.

As I mentioned in THIS POST, my car has been at the mechanic as he looked far and wide across Europe these past two months, searching for the parts to fix it.

In the end, he sent one of the guys who works at his shop on an EIGHT HOUR DRIVE to northern Poland to pick up a used transmission!

From that, he refurbished all the necessary parts, put it back together and finally took it down off the lift in his garage. It'd been up there for a month (when he put it up there to take out my old transmission, he couldn't take it back down until he had the new one to put in it).

It's nice to have this "friend" back, ready to roll tomorrow, down to my favorite vacation place: Croatia. 😊

My next pictures ought to have a little more sunshine in them than what we've got in Frydlant today!

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