Monday, August 28, 2017

Extravagant Kindness

At this time in life, our kids all live in different parts of the United States.

Tyler, Lara and their boys are in Chattanooga, Tennessee as they raise support to come serve with Josiah Venture in Czech; Claire is living in Chicago as she does the same.

Caleb and Haley live in Fort Collins, Colorado, where their Charlie was born a few days ago.

In the Lord's extravagant kindness, he brought Tyler, Lara and the boys to Caleb and Haley at just the right time!

Tyler, Lara and boys have been in Colorado the past few days, brought there by one of our long time supporting churches, Bethany EV Free in Littleton for a mission's summit. The timing of this event perfectly coincided with Charlie's birth.

And thus, these two families had the joy of connecting right after he was born!

The two families had not seen each other since before Asher was born, so it was a double celebration of baby joy! Caleb and Haley getting to meet Asher...

And Tyler and Lara got to meet Charlie the day after he was born!

The kindness of the Lord to allow them this privilege of time together perfectly overwhelms me. It delights me that he cares about even those details, of bringing siblings together for such a time as this.

And just in case you haven't gotten enough of Charlie, I leave you with a perfectly delightful grin from him about it all! 😊

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