Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Special Arrival

Even after all these years of traveling, I still get a thrill when I go to the airport!

While today was not a traveling day for me, I still enjoyed a two hour drive to Krakow this morning to pick up someone arriving from the States.

With a bit of a delay (a half hour late from Berlin), I didn't mind a quick morning cappuccino and some people watching out the window. When I'm at airports, I always wish I could know where all those people are coming and going from, and what their stories are!

Finally the plane I was waiting for arrived and a very special person came out through the doors!

Our daughter, Claire, is here for two weeks to get a jumpstart on her ministry with the JV Kids!

Every year since 2002, our JV staff have put on an incredible camp for the JVK.

Claire used to be one of those kids and went to camp for many years. But now that she is finished with college and in the process of raising her support to come on our team to work with those kids, she gets to be part of the staff at camp for the first time!

While she's still raising support (she hit 75% of her monthly just a few days before she flew), she gets to go to camp and begin building those relationships that will be the foundation for her ministry.

And in the meantime, we get to see her for a few days at home!

Just as we arrived (hadn't even gone in the door yet), our neighbor stopped by to have her first chat with Claire.

Our neighbor dearly loves Claire and prays every day for her so was very happy to get to see her and talk with her today. I'm sure she'll be back every day while Claire is here.

Someone else was happy to see her too!

She'll be here until Sunday when she leaves for camp. And we'll soak up all the goodness of those days with her between now and then!


  1. YAY!!!! So glad that Claire arrived home safe and sound!!! :o)

  2. Good to see her with you and hope that her travel would be the perfect one.

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