Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Picking Up Passengers

After a night's sleep in our boat on land again, it was so nice to go into Hvar town this morning.

After the adventures of the past couple of days, it was nice to have "normal" this morning, picking up groceries, running errands and going to our favorite cafe for breakfast and coffee.

One of the errands was to register our boat in Croatia. Yes, we finally got it! The paperwork from Czech was approved after the inspection we had yesterday, so we're legal and ready to head out!

This was where we spent the night last night. Yes, very classy accommodations! We parked here, right in front of the lift so that we'd be ready this morning when the lift operator arrived.

He and his son got the sling in place, and within about 15 minutes, the boat was in the water, ready to go!

We headed down the island to a favorite spot of ours.

This is the campground we spent four vacations in between 2008 and 2011. It was the place that made us fall in love with the island of Hvar.

But today we're not here to stay, but rather to meet up with some people who swam out to see us!

Two of our JV families are staying here at this campground on vacation this week! So we thought we'd stop by to say hi, and take them out for a boat ride with us.

Each of the families has an older child who is at JV Kid's camp this week, so they're here vacationing with their younger children. It was pure delight having them onboard with us!

We headed out to show them some of our favorite spots along this side of the island, including Sveta Nedjela above.

The kids were getting the biggest kick out of being on the boat, and I was getting the biggest kick out of watching them enjoy it so much!

These kids are so much fun!

We brought them back to the campground and got one more photo of all of them before they got off to swim back in!

"Thanks for letting us get in on a little bit of your vacation Mormances and Jenkins!!"

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