Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Twenty and Thirty

When we first vacationed as a family in Croatia back in 1997, I never would've imagined we'd still be vacationing here 20 years later!

But, here we are, still enjoying the beauty of this magnificent country.

It's also crazy to me that it was nearly 30 years ago that I first came to Croatia, though it was Yugoslavia back then (I came on a youth group trip with military kids when we were working with Malachi Ministries).

I sure never thought I'd be vacationing here THIRTY years later!

While our early vacation years led us to the beaches of northern Croatia, we have since discovered the beauty down south so now come here in the summers for rest and refreshment of our souls.

Our favorite thing to do in the summer now is get on our little Bayliner boat, and go out to the island of Lastovo where there are few people and lots of beauty.

We pull into little coves for the day and rarely see anyone; it's perfect for time with the Lord and each other!

I love coming upon gems like this in the middle of nowhere! It looked as if it was ready and waiting for us! 😉

We both have a stack of unread books that we've collected throughout the year, but haven't had time to read. For hours a day we enjoy the sound of crickets, water lapping at our boat, and the quiet of our little boat as we read, sleep, swim and soak in this beautiful place.

We also cook all our meals onboard too! Last year Caleb pointed us towards freeze-dried meals so we now enjoy something different every night from all the pouches I've collected throughout the year. It's like reading a menu every night to see what we're going to eat!

The frying pan is for eggs in the morning, complete with bacon! We've got a small solar powered refrigerator on the boat, so can keep bacon in there, along with drinks that stay cold on hot days.

All of this allows us to rest deeply and enjoy time with each other!

There's no one I'd rather hang out with, and no place I'd rather be for vacation!

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