Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cast Off

Mid-morning today I saw this photo posted by Tyler on Instagram!

Judah's broken foot has healed and the cast is off!

I'd made a plan with Tyler and Lara that if it happened, I'd come in to Ostrava and surprise the boys after školka, and take them for ice cream as a treat for this big event in Judah's life. 

Lara hadn't told them I was coming, only that there would be a treat after school. Judah melted my heart when he said to me, "Nonnie, YOU are the treat!!"

Together we meandered back to the main square in Ostrava, stopping for a little visit with Leoš Janáček (a Czech composer who hangs out there!). It will take a bit for Judah to walk well again, but considering that the cast had only come off a few hours earlier, I was amazed that he was up for the walk!

We did eventually get our ice cream to celebrate this big occasion!

And then we all got in the car together and rode back Frydlant where they dropped me off at home before heading up to Malenovice where they were having dinner for a KAM event this evening. 

Feeling so thankful this evening for God's mercy over Judah, and that the break in his foot has healed!

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