Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Turn of Season

After a gigantic lightening, thunder, rain and wind storm last night, this morning was complete gloriousness!

It was as if everything had been washed (which it literally had!) and now every little detail around you came into focus.

Claire and I took a walk this morning just to enjoy the beauty of a town "made new" by the washing of the rain last night.

A picture can hardly capture the crispness of the air, the brightness of the sun, nor the warmth of fall sun that is now here instead of its summer self.

It's so crazy how the season can change in a matter of just hours, overnight really!

There was a coolness to the air now, thought it was still warm on your skin because of the sun's warm rays.

I've only been here one other time when there was a season shift like this. It's so cool to experience it like that!

Claire and I just wandered through the little village, and sat overlooking the vineyards, olive orchards and sea, soaking in God's glorious creation in all of it's changing of clothes!

And then slowly meandered back to the house where Claire then finished up her first oil painting this morning!

Isn't that gorgeous? It's from a picture taken in the village, near the spot we just walked to today!

You can see the seat cushions from the terrace table chairs, hung up to dry on the railing. Oops! Forgot to bring them in last night before the downpour. Good thing they're meant to get wet, and could survive the "turn of season" storm last night.

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