Saturday, September 26, 2020

Youth Ministry Recharge

Today was an extraordinary day in the history of Josiah Venture! 

Six weeks ago leadership made the tough decision to cancel our fall training conference for the first time, which would have brought 400 people to Malenovice for a week of teaching, coaching, encouragement and fellowship. But due to the rising number of coronavirus cases, it was not safe to hold such a large gathering, and thus a new event was born.

That online Youth Ministry Recharge happened today, across thirteen different countries, with over 700 people gathered in small groups at churches, in youth meeting rooms, or private homes, just like we were. 

Over the past two weeks, everything has been pre-recorded and put on a hosting site where it could be accessed today by all the participants.

So Dave sat and listened to his own teaching!

I hardly took any pictures during the six hours we were together; that was because I was so busy enjoying the content of this day!

The four teaching blocks were just 15 minutes each, with a lot of time for discussion questions and sharing after each one. I was amazed at how quickly the time went by! Dave taught two of those sessions, and also led some of the interviews that were interspersed throughout the event. 

To spice up the day and give us all a thrill, there were also three brilliant "movie clips" with two of our JV staff starring in Star Wars and Avenger scenes.  

Wonder how that happened? It's called "editing magic"!!! These clips were absolutely fantastic and so fun to watch throughout the event! If we're ever able post them, I'll let you know! 

Every one of us had good take-aways for next steps after the Recharge event concluded, and I pray that was true across the region. 

There will be three more week-ends in October and November, where more Recharge gatherings will take place. There are already over 1000 who have registered in total, so this will definitely reach more youth workers than our normal fall conference would. 

This is God's good plan to get his transformational work done in the midst of a pandemic!

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