Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Back Together

Since our son, Caleb, and his wife, Haley live and serve with JV in Albania, along with their two kids, I don't often get to see them. But today I got a precious photo of the four of them that makes my heart so happy, on many levels!

They are back together after a week of being separated from Caleb, who had to go to the States for another injection at Cleveland Clinic, for the pain that he has suffered from since he was just nine years old. 

I wrote a blog post HERE about all of that back in 2012.  

It's been 28 months since he last needed the injection. This is the longest period of time yet in between injections We're praising the Lord for that! Eight years ago he was told that it could take 3-5 years for the damaged nerve to heal. We continue to pray for full healing; but are so glad for this provision of relief for him that is lasting longer and longer. 

Haley managed the kids by herself during the seven days he was gone. I am so proud of her! It's no small feat to do that, and she not only made it, but did it with grace and beauty, trusting the Lord for her and the kids, and for Caleb in Cleveland. 

I know they are all SO happy to be back together again! 

And I'm blessing the Lord for his kindness to care for our kids and grandkids!

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