Sunday, September 20, 2020

Professions of Faith

How glorious to gather for church this morning, outside at the big amphitheater at Malenovice! 

It couldn't have been a more gorgeous fall day to have a special service up here.

After the youth lead in worship, four people stood before the church family and gave their testimonies about how they came to Christ. 

Two came from Christian families and have grown up in our church. It's always special to see them make a personal profession of faith. 

But it was equally as special to hear from the two who came from non-Christian families - one came to Christ at an English camp, and the other at a Christian outreach event for adults. All four love the Lord!

How beautiful to see each of them then take the step of baptism!

Each of them were baptized down near the cabins, in our new baptismal area that was recently completed. 

It couldn't have been a sweeter Sunday service, to witness these beautiful professions of faith!

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