Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Plein Air on Hvar

This morning not only brought beautiful, crisp air, but it opened the way for something else today.

An afternoon of "plein air" oil painting!

Plein air is the french name for painting outdoors. Steve has been looking forward to being able to hike out somewhere and simply paint what is in eye's view, and today was the perfect day for it!

So he and Claire brought up folding chairs, canvases and all the supplies for painting the view from up above our house here on Hvar.

I came up to keep them company, take photos of their progress, and enjoy this gorgeous view with them!

They both sketched out the basic outline of the scene, and then began to fill it in. It was so fun watching their different styles, both in sketch and colors, emerge. That's what so fun about painting - you can do what your eye sees, which makes everyone's view the right one!

Dave and Josh came up the hill to check out their paintings too.

I'm glad Dave captured us all right here, on the little road that leads to many more vineyards up above.

But the view for painting today is down this hill, capturing the path, vineyards, rock walls and trees, and on out to the Adriatic sea!

It was fascinating for me to watch these two bring this scene to life on their canvases. I was learning so much by watching.

Aren't these beautiful?!

L: Steve; R: Claire

This is just the beginning of their paintings - the "rough draft" if you will. Honestly, I love them "as is" too!

They'll most likely work on finishing from home, as they both have some more painting they'd like to get roughed out before we leave Hvar!

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