Thursday, September 17, 2020

ForMission: Year 2

You can feel fall in the air today! Gray, misty clouds were low in the sky at the cabins up at Malenovice today, our JV training center.

I came up to hear Tyler teach at ForMission, the theological bachelor degree education program he leads for JV. 

But who did I see upon arrival?!

Aunt Claire came up to be with the boys while Lara came in to hear Tyler teach too!

Now in its second year of the program, they have a new class of students who have come from Slovenia, Germany, Poland and Czech to be here. There are three students from Hungary, as well as one from Macedonia, who are also in the program, but weren't able to come due to coronavirus restrictions in their country. So they are "Zoom-ed" in this whole week for classes. 

Claire also came up to be photographer - she's so great at using her gifts in all sorts of ways!

The school has grown this year, adding not only another first year class, but another couple to serve in the program! Sean and Sarah Smith arrived just two weeks ago (they are on the right side of the group, with Sarah holding their son in her arms) from the States where they've been waiting since April to be able to come! Their support was raised, but no visas were being given during the quarantine period. 

I know everyone is happy that they have finally arrived!

ForMission holds five separate weeks of classes in person, and the rest of their studies are online, with assignments, books to read, and online mentoring from the ForMission team. I know they're thankful to have been able to have the first week of classes in person, despite coronavirus. They're hopeful that they'll be able to continue having them throughout the rest of this school year. But if not, Zoom is always an option! 

I'm so proud of Tyler and Lara for pioneering this rich, biblical program that will give their students a foundation for life and ministry across this region.

It's a bonus getting to have these little guys nearby for the week! 

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