Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Gifts in the Making

While Claire has been sick these past two days, I've been at home with her.

Working on this.

It's my once a year gift to our families...something that brings us into their homes every day of the year!

I started making photo calendars as Christmas gifts many years ago for our families. It's great motivation to keep taking photos throughout the year so I'll have just the right ones when November rolls around and it's time to work on them again.

After trying a number of different websites to get it done, I always come back to the same one in the end.


I guess it's the "when something works don't fix it" phenomenon that keeps me going back there! It's logical, it has a fast upload for photos, there are lots of different options, they keep adding new features and...

They have good sales!

Seriously, I had just finished the last calendar after two days of working on my various projects, and in came an email from Shutterfly saying their calendars are 50% off until Sunday.

That works for me! I hit the "Order" button a few minutes later and they're all in production now.

I'm excited about this year's editions so it's okay with me if they get there early.

Or should I tell our families not to peek until Christmas?!!!

If' you've got a lot of photos in your files and want to give a gift that keeps on giving, hurry over to Shutterfly and get your calendar made by Sunday!

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  1. I can hardly wait until I get my 2013 Patty Family Calendar!