Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Třídní schůzky

This is the nice normal picture of me...I'm sure my mom and dad will appreciate it! :)

But this is the more accurate picture of me today. Why?

 I was headed off to my last parent-teacher meeting after 17 years of going to them here in Czech.

Through the years I have sat in so many classrooms like this one that is Claire's at BMA (FYI: do you know that Czech kids generally don't switch classrooms like American kids? The teachers go to different classrooms, not the kids).

For many years I sat in meetings that I didn't understand. Thankfully with each year's passing it got a little easier.

Now it's no longer scary, no longer difficult, no longer something I dread.

Instead, I found myself with unexpected tears in my eyes as I sat there one last time, realizing that an era has passed for our life here in Czech.

No more "Třídní schůzky" after today.

I walked out of BMA this evening with a sense of victory and accomplishment. I made it all the way through Czech school with my kids!

I also left with a lump in my throat. In a weird way, I'll miss those meetings.

Well, truth really be told...I'll miss the kids who were the reason I was going.


  1. Oh Connie. I have a tear in my eye too. With you. For you. There just aren't words at times like this, are there? Thanks for putting pictures. They captured it perfectly. And my dear, you look better and younger than you did 17 years ago. Just sayin'!!! :o) Love you!

  2. I know. It does feel so sad. I'm on my last child at the elementary school and I feel sad about all the good times I've had there and the little traditions every year there so I get just a tiny glimpse of how you must feel. Thank you for the touching post.

  3. Aw! These days make me smile! :)