Monday, November 12, 2012

Lego Project

This past week-end our church held one of the most creative events that I've ever seen.

If you think that looks like a whole lot of Lego's, you're right! This was just a fraction of the Lego's involved in the "Lego Projekt", hosted by our church as a three day outreach to children ages 6-12 in Frydlant.

This outreach started two years ago through our denomination, the Cirkev Bratrska, as a creative way to share the Gospel with children.

Through the generosity of a donor with a specific vision to reach children in our country, an entire trailer full of Lego's travels from church to church in our denomination throughout Czech and Slovakia, for a three day mega project to create a city using Lego's.

Each church must organize a team of volunteers (those in the yellow shirts) who do everything from advertising and registration for the event in their local city, to arranging food from church members, going to pick up the trailer from the last location, putting together the tables with roadways, setting out the thousands and thousands of Lego's, supervising the building projects, and putting on the program which includes Bible stories using, of course, Lego's!

From Thursday through Saturday, the kids are there for hours each evening and a full day on Saturday, building their mega city.

The event is not only designed for children, but for their parents as well! We had many parents with their children who have never been to our church, but came for this event...and loved it, from what I heard!

For young and old alike, it was an amazing three days of building all sorts of amazing things with Lego's!

After the building was completed on Saturday afternoon, they invited parents and children to a Sunday morning service of their own, to hear more about the Lord.

I wish I had a picture of the completed was absolutely awesome!! They left it up for our regular church service Sunday afternoon so we all got to look and admire what they'd done.

But truly the best part was seeing new faces, happy and eager to be at our church! I am praying that some of those kids who spent the week-end there, will one day come to faith in Jesus.

What a cool story they'll have to tell.

"It all started with a week-end of building with Lego's"!

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