Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blessed Ordinary Tuesday

It's a big day in the US today. Election Day 2012.

But here we are in the Czech Republic on this big day and it's pretty ordinary. I voted weeks ago by email (how slick is that?!) so it's actually been a wonderfully ordinary day here.

Made all the better by Claire's dear friend, Hayley, coming to spend the night on this ordinary Tuesday night!

These two have known each other for over 14 years...they really don't remember NOT knowing each other!

They've been JV missionary kids together, been in school together, vacationed together, been on trips together...laughed, cried, talked for hours, giggled, shopped, danced...and done so so so many other things through the years.

Croatia 2004

Croatia 2008

Budapest 2012
Since they'll both be graduating in May, this time next year they'll be off to the things the Lord has in store for them.

So for tonight, they are savoring the joy of time spent together...on an ordinary Tuesday.

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