Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Humble Food

Just a quick post today about something that is so normal here, it doesn't hardly seem noteworthy!

However, I've never written about it, and after having made it once again this week-end, thought I'd best post about it so I don't ever forget this staple of Czech life.

Chlebičky...that's what these are called. If there is one food item that will capture the essence of life in Czech for years to come, it will be this humble little sandwich.

I'm sure every mom, grandma, aunt and kid has their favorite way to prepare them. They're not difficult...a piece of bread, some spread, a slice of some sort of meat, cheese, and a little garnish. But everyone has "their" way...a little touch of this, a little garnish of that - and voila! You have your own signature open faced sandwich.

But the thing about them is that they are for every occasion. You find them at weddings, at parties, at church events, at stužkovak's (like Claire had on Friday night!), late at night, in the afternoon...they're a staple any time and everywhere!!

They also transport nicely...like these trays Claire and I prepared for the Lego Project I wrote about yesterday.

Add in a nice tray of cookies (some of Claire's yummiest!) and you have a really nice snack/lunch/dinner or whatever you need it to be.

The humblest of food...that works every time.

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  1. It's so true! These are such a staple..i don't even think twice about it! But I'll always remember them! :)