Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Oregon

The life of a missionary kid is rich and good, living overseas and learning how to adapt to, and live in, another culture.

But it means that you often miss spending holidays with family who are in the States.

Our kids have never been in the States for Thanksgiving.

Well, except for Tyler in his college years, and the time that he was one year old. But guarantee, he doesn't remember it!

Other than that, Thanksgiving is something that has always happened overseas, mostly here in Czech since we moved here when the boys were three and one.

This year, since Caleb is now at college in the States, he got to spend Thanksgiving, along with his girlfriend Haley, at my parent's house in Oregon.

My mom, dad and brother were the perfect hosts, caring and loving them for the days they spent together. They even made it to my favorite store there...Hiron's! A must see pharmacy/gift shop, for just about any gift item you could ever wish for.

They gave Haley a tour of Eugene, hitting all the "hot spots", places that are always on our "to go to" list when we come into town.

It wouldn't be Oregon without the rain.

An accomplished pianist, Haley got to bring music back into my parent's house, playing on the piano my grandparents gave to our family when I was just seven. It's the one I learned on more than forty years ago.

Sadly, my mom caught the flu from Caleb, who came down with it the day after they arrived. But my brother Mike came to the rescue, along with Haley's help, and they pulled off a great Thanksgiving dinner. (Thankfully mom had already baked the pies!)

On Friday, everyone was feeling well enough to make the traditional drive over to the Oregon coast. It's just not a complete trip to Oregon if you don't get there - especially to Mo's.

They even drove up to Newport, in a downpour (no surprise at the coast!), and hit our favorite salt water taffy store. I was just there this past summer! 

 It cleared up a bit so they could get some great pictures.

 And take a little walk on the beach. I can smell the salty ocean air just looking at the photo. Sigh...

 Thanks Mom, Dad and Mike for making sure they made it to all our favorite places!

And for treating them to so many good things during those days! I know they loved being there!


  1. Aww...what a perfect blog post! :)

  2. Great post!! Good job capturing it!!

  3. I really need to change my commenting name :D

  4. We sure had a terrific time with Caleb and Haley visiting Oregon. Thanks for capturing the memories.