Monday, November 5, 2012

In Light Of...

In light of all that's been happening in the US with Hurricane Sandy, it's very unimportant news that our internet has been out for days.

Thankfully it's finally working again. But I sure think about, and am praying for, all those on the East coast who are still suffering.

More important is news that two young men trusted Christ with Dave at a conference he spoke at last week-end. It wasn't "supposed" to be an evangelistic conference, rather one to build up the believers.

But when Dave met a young man at lunch and heard he didn't know Jesus, he asked him to come see him after the evening program. He brought his friend.

And in fact, four others came as well! Dave had an hour and a half to talk with all of them about who God is and how they could have a relationship with Him.

Two who came put their faith in Christ. One gained assurance of salvation. Two said they were close. One went away still having questions.

In light of...eternity, it was a significant week-end!

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  1. LOVE hearing this! Praise the Lord for His faithful work to bring the lost to Himself! Can't wait to be over there serving with you all!!