Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our 20th JV Thanksgiving

It's hard to believe that we've celebrated 20 Thanksgivings here with JV!

As always, it was delightful to gather together with our teammates to thank the Lord for all the blessings and good gifts He has given to us.

And as usual, there were new faces celebrating with us! Brad and Lucie Kaspar's daughter, Becky (the cutie pie sitting on her dad's lap) was born this year and was, I think, the youngest at our gathering.

Mark Chase, on the right, and his family (Amy, Ian and Gavin) who are serving in Slovakia, were with us for the first time as well, along with a number of others. There were 80 of us altogether this year!

These two little guys, Alex and Gabe, were celebrating their second JV Thanksgiving! I love that Claire captured a picture of me trying to capture a picture of them with their dad looking on, trying to get them to smile for me! :)

JV is known for some pretty awesome food at these gatherings...and this cake by Emily Shepperson, was no exception! Not only really tasty, but gorgeous as well!

Our turkeys are home-grown and roasted to perfection by friends in Cesky Tesin. I think that's the spicy one that Mel's laying claim to!

Alice, who serves in Poland, is an "aunt" to all our JV Kids, including Kelsey!

Precious JVK from Slovakia and Czech: Jaylin, Hannah and Gwyneth.

Mel and Amy Ellenwood:

Greg and Heidi Carlson:

Claire taking the group photo for us...thanks Claire!!

Kristy Williams and her two sweeties, Dylan and Marissa!

This is Claire's last Thanksgiving with us here - loved watching her with the JVK one last time.

Heidi, Amy Chase and I:

So grateful for our JV family! We are so blessed.

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