Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trading Places

We're trading this...

...for this.

Claire's spring break is this week so we're headed down to find sunshine and warmth in our beloved Croatia.

Claire and I will be traveling all day tomorrow, spending the night in Split, and then arriving on Hvar Tuesday afternoon.

Dave has Advance Conference at Malenovice this week. But he will ride down to Slovenia on Thursday with people from the conference, catch a train to Croatia, spend the night in Zagreb, take an airplane hop to Split Friday morning, jump on the ferry right away, and hopefully be on the island with us before lunch to spend the week-end. Praying all those crazy details are smooth for him!

We love our beautiful Beskydy mountains.

And we love our beautiful Hvar.

It's enjoying the contrast of the two that makes each so special.

See you down there!


  1. I am expecting a blog follow up to Dave's big travel adventure...something like "Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Ferries too!"

  2. Another thought, this time about the title of this post. Was that an intentional Eddie Murphy movie reference or just accidental? Maybe you are expecting to see Eddie or another movie star on vacation in Hvar?