Thursday, February 21, 2013

On Hvar

It's not especially warm here on Hvar, but the sea air is fresh and walking on dry roads is glorious in comparison to the snow that's at home!

When you round the corner and see this, you definitely know you're not in Czech! It just makes me smile. Love that view, even in winter.

In summer this place is bustling with boats, tourists and people from all over the world, but it's nice and quiet in February.

If Claire didn't have her winter coat on, you'd hardly know it was winter here!

The sun peeked its head out just as we sat down at a cafe on the square...a little taste of heaven in February to feel sun on our faces, even if we did have to keep our coats on!

 I've always tastes better outside!

While Claire studied for a bit, and I enjoyed having coffee, I started writing a text message to Dave. We must've been thinking about each other at the same time because suddenly the phone rang and it was him calling from home! Fun to connect for a few minutes.

Kaylee, my faithful companion, wonders why mom's attention is not on her??

After an hour at the cafe, it was off to walk to the grocery store to get food...

 ...for a picnic lunch on a bench looking over the harbor.

Peaceful view as we ate our lunch...

...with a little Coke!

Ah are good for the soul. Soaking in our time here!

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  1. Great pictures! Thanks for taking the time on vacation to update LBL and for keeping your fans happy!