Friday, February 22, 2013

Trains, Planes and Automobiles...

I love Dave for many reasons, but one of those is how he goes to great lengths for his family.

Here's what I mean.

Several months ago when we realized that the JV Advance conference was during Claire's spring break, he suggested that Claire and I drive down to Croatia early, and that he join us when his conference was finished.

Easier said than done!

Here's where the great lengths come in...he not only took a 27 hour trip with multiple means of transportation, but also documented it for me to blog about it, as he made his way down here to Hvar to join us!

The only picture he missed was the first one...a VAN from Malenovice to Maribor, Slovenia. Next up:

TRAIN: from Maribor to Zagreb, Croatia. After a seven hour van ride, he arrived just 40 minutes before the train left.

 Whew! Made it for the next leg of the journey...the two hour train ride.

BUS: from the train station to the end of the bus line.

I get the giggles thinking about these people trying to figure out why some guy is taking a photo of them on their late night bus ride!

CAR: at the end of the bus line, he called the lady at the apartment where he was spending the night and she came to get almost midnight, in the snow!

WALK: the apartment was just 200 meters from the airport so walked to the airport at 5:15 this morning.

PLANE: took a 50 minute ride from Zagreb to Split

TAXI: from the airport to downtown Split

CATAMARAN: a one hour ride over the sea from Split to Hvar on a fast ferry.

He stepped off the catamaran on the wharf of Hvar where Claire and I met him this afternoon!

CAR: a short car ride to the apartment we're staying in here.

He's a good man who definitely goes to great lengths to care for and engage in life with us. We're glad he's here and that we have these next three days to spend all together!


  1. Dave is more the Steve Martin of this story...where was his John Candy?

    It's so fun to see how much effort Dave had to put into this trip!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Croatia.

  2. Way to go, Dave, taking all those pics. I'm as impressed by that as the journey!

  3. Tell Dave I am so proud of him for documenting his journey in film JUST FOR YOU! Love it and I love him for doing that for you! So adorable! :o) And his little red eyes show how long the trip really was. What grace is on his life to allow him to be able to keep up with the pace he has. I'm so happy he has a few days there to rest and refuel. :o)

  4. Aw, I remember what a joy it was to have Dad come in that day! That was when we stayed in that lame apartment, right? I mean, it was a memory for sure!!