Thursday, February 28, 2013

Traveling Again

The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning.

It wasn't for me (though I did wake up), but rather for Dave. He had to leave at 5 AM to head for Vienna by train, and then a flight on to Latvia.

He's speaking for a conference that our JV team is leading there this week-end on the Father Heart of God.

Though I can't read this poster, I can see his name there and that it's in Riga!

After that he's heading to Estonia for a few days with our JV team there, and then back to Prague for meetings on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

But his travels won't be over quite yet, even though he'll be back in Czech.

He'll jump on a train Wednesday afternoon and head to Leipzig, Germany where he'll meet with the new JV team that is slated to open ministry there in the near future. He'll be in meetings with pastors and churches there (busting out his German, which he's still good at!) to determine where God is leading this team to serve.

He won't be back home until Saturday the 9th of March. More mom and daughter time for Claire and I!

Pray that God will use Dave effectively to teach, bless and encourage those he comes in contact with in the coming days.

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