Monday, February 11, 2013

When Dave's Gone...

When Dave's traveling, strange things happen in my world.

If you have a spouse who travels, perhaps you know this phenomenon too.

During the eight days he's been gone so far I've...

  • Had a flat tire
  •  Been in bed with a severe migraine
  •  Ran out of propane gas for our furnace so it's not working (no heat in the radiators)

Thankfully I've had...
  • Friends to change the tire
  • A daughter to take care of me while I was in bed (and she did it so well!)
  • A neighbor to help me out with ordering more propane
  • A fireplace in our house to keep us warm in the meantime

These kinds of things used to bother me, but honestly, after so many years of being at home while Dave travels, I've come to expect it.

But I won't lie...I'm hoping that nothing else unusual happens before he gets home on Friday!

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