Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To the Rescue

Rescue came in this form today.

Miracle of miracles, within a day of phoning the gas company about our empty tank, they sent a man with a truck to deliver. In the past it's taken two weeks for them to get to us, so it was no small thing that he showed up today.

This is how we get heat to our radiators. That big truck pumps propane into our tank since there are no gas lines out in the country where we live.

Crazy how that hole in the ground is responsible for such a big job inside our house!

I wouldn't want to have this guy's job. He has to figure out how to get that big truck down our little road, and then finagle the hose over to our tank to fill it. It was even more of a trick backing the truck down our road after he was finished!

Amazingly, he had a cheery attitude, even though it was snowy and cold. I appreciated that.

Now the tank is full...

But the furnace won't turn on. Isn't that the way it goes?!

So the cheery yellow house is still staying warm with the fireplace!

Maybe tomorrow the furnace repair man will rescue us.

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