Wednesday, February 27, 2013

She's Official

Claire picked up her driver's license at the "uřad" today!

It's been nearly a month since she took, and passed, her driver's test, but apparently it takes quite a while to produce that valuable little card.

No matter...she can DRIVE NOW!

And drive she did! After months of practice in the driving school car, this was her first time to drive mom's car! Here we go...

She did a great job, shifting, using the clutch like a pro and looking both ways! I was proud of her.

I needed gas so she drove us to the station to get it. By the time I went in, paid and came back out, I'd forgotten she was driving and honestly, it shocked me to see her sitting in the driver's seat!

But I happily got into the passenger's side and she drove us home.

It's nice to have another driver in the family!


  1. Yeah Claire!!! Welcome to the world of driving.

    So Connie, did you at least once hit the brake with your left foot while she was driving for the first time? Ha, ha!

    I'm looking forward to riding with Claire...I'm sure she is a great driver:)

  2. YAY!!!! I'm so happy that your "baby" is now driving. I can't believe how stinkin' long it takes in Czech to drive. AMAZING! So happy for her newest rite of passage! :o)