Saturday, February 9, 2013

She Spoils Me...Again

Last February I posted about another day when Claire and I were home alone. That happens at this time of year when Dave is in the States for JV board meeting, and other travels throughout the States.

While we thought about going somewhere today, the fact that it's windy, cold and snowy kept us inside.

But didn't keep Claire from doing what she does. She spoiled me, again, today!

Warm, maple-cinnamon, oatmeal cookies (with a dash of peanut butter!)...fresh out of the oven. With a glass of milk!

Ah Claire! What will I do when I don't have your baking genius around?? Will I have to return to baking myself? Sigh. I'm afraid so.

To be fair to myself...while she bakes, I cook.

There's a pot of red lentil and potato soup simmering on the stove that tastes pretty yummy! It's dark now, so won't photograph well.

You'll just have to use your imagination of sight and smell to picture what's for dinner at our house on this snowy February evening.

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