Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Always a Gift

In just a few weeks I'll be celebrating thirty years of friendship with these three dear friends.

Laura Hash, me, Joyce Schroeder, Jerri Kayll

It was May of 1984 when I first met these women and served in Germany for a summer with them as Malachi Singers.

Thirty years later, the bonds of friendship run deep between us, and it's always a gift when we get time together, as we did today here in Denver.

Somewhere I have an original picture of the four of us from our first days of friendship - if I was at home in Czech I could put my finger right on it and it'd be fun to see how we have/haven't changed in all these years!

But for now, I'll just post this one in honor of the goodness of knowing, loving, praying for and serving with these dear ones for so many years.

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