Monday, April 21, 2014

Thankful for my Savior

On a day that started out with dark clouds, a stiff wind, and rain threatening in the distance, it turned into as beautiful of an Easter Sunday as could possibly be here in Croatia.

On Hvar with Dave to study, pray and work on some of our projects for a week, it was pure delight to soak in this kind of beauty on Easter...a beauty made possible by our Creator.

All day my heart was filled to overflowing, so thankful for the sacrifice of Christ. Through His suffering and death, life was made possible. I will never stop being thankful for that.

We missed celebrating this magnificent holiday with our family and friends. There really is something about corporately rejoicing in the provision of our Savior, and what he means to us. I already look forward to that next year when we're back at home with our church family in Frydlant!

But for now as we continue our sabbatical, I'm thankful for the quiet time to reflect on what Jesus means to me, and rest in His companionship and unfailing love.


  1. That blue water... sigh. Perfect.

  2. SO beautiful! Wow….what a gift from your Savior in the absence of family and friends. He is good.