Friday, April 11, 2014

Duck Dynasty in Person

Tonight some interesting guests came to town here in Louisville, KY. Ever heard of these guys?

While Dave and I are not exactly up to date on our Duck Dynasty episodes (watching just one probably doesn't count as being up to date!), there were obviously a lot of people interested in hearing them tonight at Southeast Christian Church.

Nine thousand people had tickets to listen to Willie and Si Robertson tell stories about their family, their show, and most importantly, their faith.

"The Almighty is directing this thing. He's going to take it where He wants it to go. The Robertson's are just along for the ride," Si told the audience.

When Kyle, one of the teaching pastors at SECC asked Si, "Why do people like you so much?" he replied, "I have no idea!" But later he went on to say, "Jesus can change anyone. He changed me. It's never too late."

I think there is something refreshing about this humble man admitting that Jesus has changed his life, especially as he added, "If you see something attractive about the Robertson family, we give all glory to God."

The evening ended with Willie's humble prayer: "We want to point people to you, Father." 

I prayed the same thing for myself; that's what I want to do too.

I pray they will continue to stay as humble and focused on the Lord as they seemed to be tonight, and that the Lord will allow their show to continue as long as they give testimony to their faith and love for Him.