Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vivian's Help

It's been somewhat of an odd year for me, seeing more doctors in the past five months than I've seen in twenty years.

The Lord's been gracious though, leading me to just the right ones at the right time. And there has been great progress toward healing my migraines, for which I'm most grateful.

But it seems as if doctors and I are not done! While we've been here in Croatia, I fell and badly injured my knee, something I've never done before.

Once again, in the Lord's kindness, He brought yet another medical person into my life right here on the island of Hvar at just the right time.

See that tiny little village in the picture? That's where my new friend, Vivian, lives. She is a British woman we met last Sunday, on Easter, while we were having lunch at an outdoor cafe.

After years of practicing physiotherapy (with a fondness for knees and achilles tendons!) in London, she moved here to her family's country of origin ten years ago and made a life for herself on this island.

We had a nice chat with her last week, and as she left our table, gave us her contact information "just in case". Who knew that I would need her just a few days later?

This is the main road through her village! So delightful!

When I hurt myself on Wednesday, and was in a lot of pain on Thursday, I remembered Vivian.

On Friday we contacted her, not knowing if she still treats patients. But she said she'd be happy to stop by the apartment we were staying in to take a look at my knee, and was there just a few hours later. Not only that, but she came to see me on Saturday as well.

Today she had me visit her home and office to do one last session before we leave for Czech in the morning.

What a gift she's been these past few days! Having no idea what I'd done, I was in a quandary as to what I should do next. Ice it? Rest? Walk it out? Get medical attention? I had no idea.

But Vivian did. And I've made progress all week under her wisdom and treatment.

She said it will be 8-12 weeks before I'll be back to normal (hopefully!). In the meantime, I've got exercises and things to do to help the healing process. She gave me all her contact information and made herself available for consultation any time. What a huge gift that is to me.

And she doesn't charge anything. Wow. So gracious and kind.

After an hour with Vivian, Dave and I drove up behind her village to the church on top of the hill. What a magnificent view on this gorgeous spring day!

Another ledge made a good "photographer" since no one was up there. Just wanted to capture this very sweet time Dave and I have had here on the island, even with an unexpected ailment.

This has been a year of seeing the Lord's personal care for me in SO many ways. I feel deeply loved and cared for by him, and by so many of you that I've seen along the way.

I am just so very thankful!

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  1. Wow! That village looks so different in the Spring! It's so green!! :) Glad you found Vivian! That's a great story!