Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On the Road Again

After only a few short days in Denver, it was time to pack up once again today and head on to our next location.

Dave and I have laughed many times as we've packed and unpacked our motorhome car during these six months in the States, wondering every time how it will all fit in again.

It's really a challenge carrying everything you own in one little car for six months. Plus, while we were in Denver at Christmas, we not only accumulated gifts, but Dave found a few of his childhood treasures stashed in the garage that he wanted to take back home with us. So they now have to fit in the car too.

Hmmm, that might be a challenge!

But somehow, it all fits in every time and then all that's left are goodbyes again with people we love.

Like his mom and dad! Oh so sweet to have had time with them again.

Thankfully we'll be back in Colorado in two months so this was just a "See you later"!

Fun to think that next time we're there, we'll be celebrating a wedding! :)

We're headed on towards Chicago now where we'll be this week-end.


  1. I love that one of Dad looking at all the stuff!! He's good at putting "puzzles" together, isn't he?! :)

  2. Cue the Willie Nelson music...On the Road Again!