Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Secret of the Palm

Sitting out on the balcony this morning, overlooking the garden where we're staying, I opened my Bible to today's reading in the "One Year Bible" app on my phone.

A verse in Psalm 92 leapt off the page as I gazed out into the garden: "The righteous will flourish like a palm tree...".

Of all the days I could've read this! On day 114 of this year's reading, I happen to have a palm tree in sight at the neighbor's house next door. "There has to be something in this," I thought to myself.

Of course the passage goes on from there and talks about the cedar tree as well, but since I had this palm tree in sight, I couldn't take my mind off the image of what it means to flourish like it.

I began asking myself all sorts of questions. "Why are the righteous likened to it? Are there secrets of righteous living to be learned from this tree? How would this make a difference for me?"

An intriguing hour later, having read at least a dozen commentaries on the passage, I think I have an understanding of why the Lord would use this image. And it's just so cool!! I'll never look at a palm tree the same way again.

I took pages of notes on the subject (who knew there was so much written about the palm tree?!), but my heart took hold of a few particular truths:

Tall and stately, rarely drooping in sun or beaten down by rain, this tree gracefully spreads its branches to provide shade to those who pass by. 

Yes, I want to be like that!

The palm grows steadily throughout its long lifetime, and continues to give fruit from generation to generation such as coconuts, dates, and oil from over 2000 varieties of the palm.

I want this too! I want to keep growing, and be fruitful to the end.

It endures, sways gently, is constantly green, and continually flourishes.

Yes, yes! My heart soars to think of this kind of living for the rest of my life.

When we see a noble palm standing erect, sending all its strength upward in one bold column, and growing amid dearth and drought of desert, we have a fine picture of the godly man who, in his uprightness, aims alone at the glory of God.

And there is the secret: Aiming for the glory of God. Isn't that beautiful?!

With fronds draping gracefully, its column standing erect, the palm tree is an exquisite symbol of the life of one who aims for His glory!

My soul cries out "YES!" This is my aim, my calling, my passion: To do all to the glory of God.

It's an old and known truth, to live in this way. But I love how God freshly delivered it to me again today.


  1. I love the Bible picture and your pictures too! Glad you have time this week to really dig into these things and be refreshed by what the Lord presses upon your heart.

  2. What an amazing coincidence! Of course those kind of things happen all of the time, but how often do we notice? I'm sure you notice much more frequently than I.

    My first thought was much like your last quote about a palm tree growing out of the barren desert yet looking so fresh and green, living and thriving amongst the elements. The question is where does it get it's sustenance from? Just like the Godly man who lives and flourishes, they might ask the same question!

  3. I can't tell which is more awesome…your post or Mike's comment!!!! Thank you Mike for revealing that your roots are going deeper these days, my friend. I LOVE hearing this morning that you had a song that tied to your sisters post and now this one!

    So…I'm getting a double blessing tonight. Just saying that the France kids are pretty amazing!!! :o)

    Love you both!

  4. That was a fun post! to tell the truth I've never thought much about palm trees in the bible! Thanks for the lesson!

  5. My heart is so encouraged (and challenged!) by your insight this morning! Thank you for teaching me something fresh and new~