Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nothing like Home

After nearly ten months away from home, we slept in our own bed last night and woke up to a familiar view.

A few days ago I counted how many different beds we've slept in these past ten months: 54

Many of those have been in homes of friends and family, even with some of you who faithfully read my blog! But there is one common denominator for all of them: they are associated with really wonderful memories and emotions from time spent with people we love. Thank you to ALL who have hosted us!

Of course, there's just nothing like home and it does feel really good to be back here.

Our JV Spring staff conference starts tomorrow at Malenovice, our JV training center and hotel just five minutes away from our home. Oh how good it will be to see our JV family soon!

We're only here in Czech for a week, and then we return to the States next Tuesday to finish eight more weeks of our home assignment. We have a few more beds to sleep in before we come back home to stay in July!

For now, I'm so happy to be here, soaking in all the goodness of my own home.


  1. Aw! The mountains! The rain! The green grass! The flowering trees!

  2. Welcome home! If only for a week. Any chance you will have time to meet Nora before you leave again?