Wednesday, June 3, 2015

And They're Off

The JV summer interns left Malenovice today to spread out across twelve countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Including Bulgaria.

That's where our son and daughter-in-law will serve this summer, along with their two teammates, Sam (from Colorado) and Emily (from California).

When I went to pick them up at Malenovice at noon, they were the last team to leave. From there, they had a 26 hour trip in front of them, which started with a shuttle leaving from Frydek Mistek, a town near us.

Headed to Vienna, they caught an all-night bus from there which should arrive at their destination in Bulgaria tomorrow afternoon. And then their summer of ministry begins with a church retreat on the week-end. They've got so much in front of them for the next eight weeks!

As the shuttle van pulled out from the bus station, I prayed for God's hand of blessing to be on them, and all the other interns, as they lay down their lives for the sake of the Gospel this summer.

Please join me in praying for much fruit in the lives of teenagers across the region, who will spend time with these passionate servants who are excited to tell them about Jesus!