Sunday, June 7, 2015

Days Away

In our technologically connected world, it's a strange thing to be somewhere without reliable access to Internet. But that's where I find myself right now. I'm not even sure this will publish but wanted to at least try! Am writing from my phone.

Dave and I are taking a few personal days away right now. We'll be back home on Friday, at a wedding on Saturday at Malenovice, and off to Kraków on Sunday so we are there bright and early for a flight to the Chicago where we'll be for about ten days. I then travel back to Europe for another wedding, and Dave stays in the States, traveling for a week before we both return home at the end of the month. 

So these are full days, but happy ones. Thankful for some time away together, and looking forward to what's ahead. 


  1. I so love this picture. It's just "you." That smile on Dave is one that I remember from 33 years ago! He's taking it all in and yet content as ever (of course, he's even more content having married you so the 33 year time span of course predates you....but still is as familiar in my minds eye from over three decades ago!)....and you, dear Connie, are radiant with your eyes where you smile from the depths of your heart and melt the hearts of everyone around you with your beautiful countenance. I love you both so much! :o)

  2. Hello sister! Prayed for you today on the way to school with luke today! Josh put tile down on our balcony off the living room and it looks!!! Makes me think of you!

  3. I'm agree with Michelle... how much Love is in your eyes... and in your smile my sweet friend!!! Enjoy those days... Love you...