Saturday, February 6, 2016

Day with Judah

Dave has waited nearly three months for this special day.

Though Judah appears to be unsure of who this stranger is, it didn't take long for him to warm up to his Papa, who he met for the first time today!

Oh such delight this morning, spending time with Lara and Judah!

While Tyler worked in the city at his Intelligentsia, we lingered over coffee at their house, soaking in our little beloved grandson and precious daughter-in-law.

Have I said that I like being a Nonnie?? :)

There really is no end to delighting in and enjoying every single look, move and facial expression of this dear baby boy!

In the afternoon we drove into the city, to Lincoln Park.

Where we met up with Tyler!

And enjoyed walking around the indoor botanical gardens together.

What a treasured afternoon with these three!

Eventually Judah woke from his nap and got turned around in the little front pack so we could watch him and all his funny expressions.

And he could get a look at the funny animals!

This hippo was having fun up against the glass, which was why I snapped this photo. I had no idea I was capturing Judah at the same time!

Three Patty men, enjoying the meercats down below!

And the giraffes on the other side. See them?!

What a treasured gift this day was, to spend time together with Tyler, Lara and Judah.

Thankful, thankful, THANKFUL!!!

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  1. Oh my Dearest! it's amazing you can see little Judah again! Enjoy those moments Love you I.