Saturday, February 20, 2016

Girl Trip

We flew in to Colorado on Thursday afternoon and met up with these sweet people!

Dave's birthday present to Caleb this year was a day of skiing down in the southern part of his home state, and the state that Caleb and Haley now call home! After a quick bite to eat near the airport, the two of them took off for Wolf Creek.

That left Haley and I to begin our girl trip!

We've both been anticipating this mom(in-law!)/daughter trip for weeks so happily took off for our own special time together.

Traveling down to Colorado Springs, our pre-determined destination because neither of us have ever spent any significant time there (and where it wasn't too hard or far to drive from Denver!), we simply had the sweetest two days together.

Fun hotel, gluten free pizza, a movie downtown in the Springs, coffee date, pedicures, a little shopping and a lot of talking. I can't imagine how we could've had any better time!

So often during our 24 hour girl trip we expressed hearts of thankfulness to the Lord for giving us a beautiful time together, made all the better by spectacular views and weather. I'm getting my fill of sunny winter days on this trip, that's for sure!

"Dearest Haley, thanks for letting me spend those days with you! I love all our memories together and am thankful for YOU!"

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