Monday, February 8, 2016

Week-end in Chicago

While two days with family went by all-too-quickly, we still managed to soak in every last little bit of goodness with these precious ones.

After church and lunch in the city, Dave and I dropped Claire off at Moody while Tyler and Lara left for a date by themselves. Do you know what that meant?

Time alone with Judah!

It's been a long time since I've seen Dave carrying an infant car seat! But oh how fun it was to drive back to Highland Park with him in the car, enjoying our first chance to babysit Judah.

All was well until we took him out of the carseat. Poor little guy!

Is there anything more pitiful than the sad cries of a baby?! His tummy was bothering him and there seemed to be no way to comfort or relieve him, though we tried all our best tricks.

But then, I had a flash of inspiration.

The old "swing-em-in-the-blanket" trick, something that used to work when his dad was the same age.

His wails ceased almost immediately, and the burps started coming! Soon his tummy was relieved and he was back to his sweet little self (though you have to say, even when they're crying they're still sweet!).

Tyler and Lara arrived home to a content boy hanging out with Papa.

Judah sure had eyes for his mommy and daddy when they got back though!

While we had one last cup of Tyler's Intelligentsia coffee, we sat with Judah between us, soaking in this little person who has so captured our hearts.

I'm so thankful for the blessing of two blissful days with Judah and his parents!

We told Tyler and Lara that we're so proud of them for how they're parenting Judah, already so loving, engaged, sacrificial and intentional with him. We also told them they're far more relaxed at this parenting gig than we were when we first had Tyler! :)

We said goodbye in the late afternoon, giving last kisses and hugs before heading to the airport. It will be three months before we see this sweet face in person again. But I'm thankful for all the ways technology allows us to "see" him even when we can't in person.

Tyler, Lara and Judah - we love you so very much! Thank you for letting us hang out with you this week-end, for letting Papa and Nonnie get their "Judah-fix", and for doing such a great job of being a happy, loving, God-honoring family!


  1. Oh this one has me giggling outloud! Sounds like a win win for everyone! How'd you get the picture with the blanket?!

  2. Such a fun update. And like Kristi just wrote, I was thinking the same thing about the blanket but figured you must have had Tyler or Lara take it when they got back home (for the blog post win!) What a fun trick that was to swing him in the blanket. So amazing that the ideas come back when in an emergency. Love you Nonnie! :o)

  3. Connie, this is one of the sweetest and just most fun posts I've ever read on your blog. I'm sooo happy for you Connie and for the special gift of time you got with your loved ones in Chicago! And especially with that sweet little Judah-boy :-)