Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beautiful Home

We arrived home from the States yesterday to a beautiful winter day.

And to an even more beautiful evening up at Malenovice.

Dave had the joy of sharing the JV story, vision and mission for nine new staff members who are spending a week together at JV orientation.

But these are not North Americans...these are our newest national staff from four different countries here in central and eastern Europe!

Representing Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary and Slovakia, these are courageous, faith-filled men and women who love God and want to serve him full time in the countries where they are from. All of them are already involved in ministries such as Exit Tour, School of Leaders, KPM (leadership training in Slovakia) and camps.

But in order to go beyond volunteer status to full time they must take a huge step of faith and trust God to provide financially through gifts, prayers and encouragement from supporters who will stand with them.

Raising support in their own country is often quite challenging as there has not been a history of giving towards missions in this region of the world. So one of the things they'll talk about and work on at orientation is how to best share the vision with their family, friends and churches.

Of course there is always the possibility for them to be supported through the generosity of Americans too.

If you're interested in supporting a national, take a look at our newly designed Josiah Venture website and read through some of the bios on our nationals to see if God is asking you to be part of their support!

It's great to be back in our part of the world where we absolutely love what we get to do, investing in the next generation of leaders to reach this part of the world for Jesus.

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