Wednesday, February 17, 2016

California Dreaming

For the past two days Dave and I have had the joy of being in sunny California where Dave is teaching on Adaptive Leadership at North Coast Church.

While he's been in the classroom, I've been spending time enjoying the delights of California with a dear friend.

Strawberries right out of the field in February?? This is a taste I only dream about! We do get strawberries in Czech, but there is something special about getting them on the west coast of the US. From California to Oregon, these are something extraordinary!

And driving around in February with the windows rolled down and a happy dog hanging out? Perfect!

Meet Bailey, my friend's golden lab. Took a five mile walk with her down the beach and back. She didn't break a sweat in 85 degree, record breaking heat for the day!

As the sun set, with palm trees on the horizon, I thanked the Lord for a little bit of paradise in February.

We're off to another type of wonderland tomorrow...Colorado!

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