Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Can't Resist

Nearly nine years ago, as Tyler was close to graduating from his Czech high school, we were in the middle of our "lasts" with him living at home. When he left that summer to fly to Chicago and begin attending Moody Bible Institute, I had no idea where the Lord might send him afterward.

Fast forward to nine years later and I'm now experiencing "firsts" with him and his family!

Because they live here now, I get to have sweet afternoons and evenings with them now and then. Tyler's wife, Lara, and their two boys, needed to get some shopping done so asked if I'd come along to help and show her where to go today.

OH so happy to oblige!

See those little feet hanging off the stroller? 😂

While Judah took a nice long afternoon nap in the stroller, Asher and I hung out so Lara could look  around!

Two hours later and Asher still hadn't fallen asleep (when he should have!), Judah woke up just in time for a little merry-go-round ride at the mall. What fun to see his happy smile at such a small thrill!

I have been into DM, a local drugstore, countless times over the years. But when you have a two year old with you? Well, suddenly you notice they have a play area that can't be resisted!

After our shopping adventure we headed back to downtown Ostrava, where they live, only to find that the water fountain has been turned on for the season. Another great delight that can't be resisted!

Somewhere in my collection of old photos, I am almost certain I have a similar picture of Tyler, standing in this square, at the fountain that used to be there 25 years ago.

I still haven't gotten over the fact that God called Tyler and his family back here to serve with us in JV.

Which means getting to experience all of these fun things over again with grandsons!

Lara, thanks for saying "I do" to Tyler six years, for saying yes to God's call to Czech, and for saying, "Can you come shopping with me today?" It was my joy and privilege!

And Tyler, I love having you close again, watching you be such a good husband and daddy, and already engaging in ministry and care of youth leaders. It's also pretty fun that you're going to start a garden soon at our house. Can't wait to taste the fruits of your labors!

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  1. I have THE biggest smile on my face right now (that I didn't realize was there as I was reading until I finished and caught myself smiling!) as I'm celebrating all of these FIRSTS and beautiful spontaneous moments together. I LOVE that God allows you all to serve and do life together too. YAY!!!!!