Sunday, April 15, 2018

What A Difference

Today could not have been more different than yesterday. 

Those piles of wood won't stay there; I'm guessing they'll be fuel for the wood-fired grill at the marina restaurant this summer!

The sun did not pop its head out even once today, whereas yesterday was a glorious sun fest.

Or should I saw SON fest?! If I say it that way, then this Sabbath day in Svete Nedjelja (Holy Sunday...that's the name of this village!) was still a day of celebrating the SON.

I walked down to the harbor because...well, you can't be here and NOT go down there at least once!

I thought I'd be alone down here because that's the norm in off season. I was looking forward to a time of worship with the Lord.

But what you can't hear is a BIG party going on just meters away from here at the first house overlooking the tree, just above these rocks.

So I had to take my worship somewhere else! But I'm glad I at least came down to say "hello".

I leave early in the morning so won't be back here until the summer. While the weather will surely be different then, this tree and view will be the same as always.

Just like my Lord!

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